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B.E.S.T. Practices

The B.E.S.T. practice for using your NeuroWood is to Breathe, Exhale, Smell, Touch:  

BREATHE in a deep breath for 4-6 seconds. EXHALE slowly for 4-6 seconds. SMELL the infusion of the essential-oil in the NeuroWood (if applied). TOUCH it with gentle strokes using your thumb (or other) to feel the smooth surface, all while connecting your thoughts with actions, focusing on the imbalance you wish to curb or the moment you wish to take control of.

With consistent, practical use as suggested it can help create new neural pathways in the brain to redirect those imbalances you wish to curb.  

I'm so glad I got two.  My son has already taken over mine.  Great gift idea!

Shelly McKenzie
Boulder, CO

Exactly what I was looking for.  A meaningful practice that is always with me.

Mark Vons
Los Angeles, CA

There's something wonderful about being connected to nature at all times, and Neurowood is a great idea to incorporate mindfulness using natural and purposeful remedies.

Amanda Navarro
Miami, FL

NeuroWood has really helped me realize that I'm in control of myself.  It's a practice.  It's a lifestyle.  And, it's nature in my pocket no matter where I'm at in this concrete jungle.

David Mattis
New York, NY

Sources & Resources


for daily practice.

12 core competencies of mindful practice.  Stress: America's #1 health problem.  Creating new neural pathways in the brain.  Psychological Restoration from a product of Nature.

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